Mapping Stakeholder Landscapes

24.03.2011 | Investigaciones

In this study, we glimpse into the unique stakeholder landscapes of nine countries: Chile, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Working with members of GERN, this study maps a group of key business stakeholders according to 1) their overall attitude toward corporate citizenship, and 2) their respective influence on corporations’ adoption of corporate citizenship practices. Here we will see to what extent these “stakeholder maps” help to explain differences in the practice of corporate citizenship in different nations.

The study also explores how specific stakeholder groups, say government or consumers, exert influence across nations. This comparative view illustrates global similarities and differences in stakeholder power and attitudes. It also provides clues as to how stakeholder environment as a whole influences the nature and development of corporate citizenship. It is our hope that this comparative review serves to inform not only global and local business leaders around the world.

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